I started this blog at the end of Summer 2010 as a facilitator for me to pursue my close-to-the-heart habit – make-up, make-up and more make-up.

So why do I love make-up so much? Well, because there is something about being able to create masterpieces with an array of colours and then fully display that proud piece of art on your face for the rest of the world to see, which makes me excited.

Admittedly, I’m always short on cash, but I do love to experiment when I have the opportunity. But ultimately, for me; make-up is the ability to express the creativity within me.

I also have a youtube account where I post my random videos/vlog versions of the posts I put here, so if you can’t be bothered to read just check them out here. (Although I shall warn you that I haven’t been getting round to doing videos in a while…shame on me!)

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up regular posts (or at least I intend to) with the latest beauty trends or reviews of products that I happen to come across. Any questions, queries or requests, just comment and I’ll do my best 🙂

*Disclaimer: I don’t believe in lying about a product or saying that I love/like/wouldn’t mind losing a product if I didn’t genuinely feel that way. If a product has been sent to me or given to me or some variation where I haven’t specifically bought the product myself, I will say beforehand.*


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  1. I really do love your blog. It is written so well (much better than mine). Keep up the good work and make sure to keep updating regularly. xxx

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