Mini-Review: Nails Inc. Blenheim Terrace

I came across this in my sister’s room and thought I’d give it a go. Admittedly, you can’t get it anymore, at least not from the official Nails Inc. website – so this is a tad last year, but thought I’d give my two cents anyway. If you’re really interested, I believe you can still get it from Amazon.

If you’re looking for something easy-going with no-faff, then this is for you, but I feel the naming of this colour – Blenheim Terrace – is very apt; it’s subtle, it’s gentle and it’s a bit, well, bland.* To be honest, I’m still struggling to figure out whether this colour suits me or not.

Nails Inc. on the other hand, I usually am really impressed with; their polish lasts a decent length of time before needing a touch-up, applies really nicely, and dries quite quickly too. I just feel the colour Blenheim Terrace isn’t quite me.

Anyhow, here’s a photo and my verdict:

Nails Inc. Blenheim Terrace

Blenheim Terrace does have a hint of shimmer to it, which unfortunately hasn’t shown up in the photo. Personally, I think it would have been better if it didn’t have any shimmer in it but it’s not overly-shimmery either.

Verdict = Lose it. Let’s just say that although I don’t have the desire to whip out the nail polish remover immediately, I’m not intending to re-apply it anytime soon.

* I am aware that Nails Inc. use street-names for their nail varnishes, and I was by no means making a comment on the location, only on the onomatopoeia of the word.


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