Review: Nars Contour Blush in Olympia

It’s shameful for me to say that it’s been a year since I last posted, but I’ve finally finished my degree at Uni so with all the spare time I now have, I have no excuse! I thought I’d launch straight back in with a recent purchase – the Nars Contour Blush:

Nars Contouring Kit

I recently broke my Nars Laguna Bronzer, which I had been using for contouring. This meant that I had to resort to Clinique’s Almost Bronzer which is great for in winter when I don’t want it to be too obvious, but currently it’s summer and I want some cheekbones! Anywhos, I wasn’t sure whether I should repurchase the cult-classic Laguna or if I should try something new. Then I spotted in a Nars e-news this contour blush kit. So off I went to John Lewis (the nearest Nars counter) and let the Nars assistant try it on me. This was a big deal for me seeing as I never let anyone touch my face; I’m always wary that they’re going to cake it on. Good news, she didn’t and I ended up buying it. So there we go; the story of why I bought the contour blush.

Nars Contour Blush is available in 3 shades; Olympia, Paloma and Gienah – I picked up Olympia, the fairest of the bunch for £30, which isn’t that much more than if I’d bought the Laguna Bronzer. Olympia has a light illuminating powder on the left-hand side and a matt brown on the right. Pretty straight forward really; the two together help create the perfect shadow, without the brown coming across as orange.

Here’s a before and after so you can get the idea of what it’s like in action:

Without contour



After without flash

After with flash

After with flash

I have cheekbones! Yay 🙂

But the question is…is it better than Laguna Bronzer? Laguna was my holy-grail product – it was great for contouring AND bronzing. Due to the tiny bits of shimmer, Laguna is great for the sun-kissed glow and subtle enough for creating a shadow under those cheekbones and I think this is where Laguna slightly surpasses Olympia. But then, it is a Contour Blush; that’s it’s entire purpose and it does it excellently.

I don’t regret this purchase one bit and although I think it does a great job I’m going to give my verdict as Like it. This is only because if I had to choose between Laguna and Olympia, I would go with Laguna, only because Laguna is so versatile. This by no means diminishes how much I think Olympia is a great contour blush, only that I’m giving it a fair and comparative verdict.


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