Konad Plates: Nail Art

I’ve been very blessed to have a best friend who works in the hair and beauty industry, that is she’s a self-employed AMAZING hair dresser. She recently dip-dyed my hair which turned out to be somewhat complicated -due to my red undertones – but I love it nonetheless. Anyway the reason for this post is that I recently took up being a guinea pig for her with her venturing out into the world of nail art.

As many of us find, trying to do any form of nail art free-hand is pretty darn difficult, even more so when it’s on our own nails! Nevertheless, along comes Konad Nail Art Image Plates. My bestie wanted to practice using them on others as unfortunately they can be a bit fiddly to use, but the results are well worth waiting for…

So what exactly are Konad Image Plates? They’re literally small metal circular discs with random patterns that you can choose from. I rather stupidly forgot to take a photo when I was there, so the internet will have to do:


Along with the discs that have various patterns on them you get a little comb and a stamp that you will use to apply the design of your choice.

Here are the results from our playing around:


You can see my hands in the top left (looks a bit like a watermelon) and bottom images (leopard print and writing). The top right image was my best friends attempt to do it herself (Hawaiian flower) and although it took a while to get the finished result, it looks pretty awesome.

So how’d we do it?

  1. Apply your normal routine of nail varnish i.e. bottom, colour and top coat. In my instance, we used Shellac (a mixture of Strawberry Smoothie with Romantique for the light pinky colour and Tropix for the bright coral).
  2. Once dry, choose your pattern from a disc, cover that pattern with a nail varnish of your choice, grab the comb and swipe it across the covered pattern. Place the stamp on the pattern to pick up the left over varnish and quickly stamp it onto the desired finger.
  3. Voila…let it dry then apply a top coat.
  4. Should it not go so well, grab some nail varnish remover (this is where something like Shellac or BioGel works best) to get rid of the design without removing the underneath colour and start again until the desired result.

Whilst it can be quite fiddly, once you get the knack of it and are willing to spend some time on it, the overall results are really worthwhile. I really LIKE it and with such a variety of patterns (I think my bestie had at least 25 discs) there’s plenty to experiment with.

They’re slightly difficult to find online but I did find a set for about £30 including nail varnish, the stamp and comb with 4 discs, otherwise they were about £5 per disc. I believe my friend got them from a trade event so things worked out slightly different for her.

Have you ever tried nail art like this?


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