Review – Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF15

I’ve almost started a trend here (for myself that is) – I keep purchasing products from Clinique’s ‘Almost…’ range, and this time I picked up, the Almost Bronzer with SPF15 when I visited Boots – for me; never a good idea.

First off, do most bronzers contain SPF15? I haven’t seen many that do, so this instantly get’s thumbs up from me, although if you’ve already put on sunscreen (which you should…) it probably won’t make much of a difference.

Anywho, this handy little compact comes ready with a relatively decent mirror (albeit quite small), the bronzer itself and if you lift up that, you find a little compartment for the domed, crescent-shaped brush.


Due to the duo shades it enables one to create a buildable colour from, according to Clinique, sun-kissed to suntanned, which means that it can be used all year round, not just in the summer. Also, it claims to be a formula suitable for all skin types – bonus!

I picked the shade fair to medium (01), but there is another for darker skin tones (02).


  • Shades suitable for all skin tones; especially with the two shades in each compact
  • Buildable, but controllable colour so you can avoid the orange look
  • Doesn’t give off an orange cast
  • Great for contouring as well as being used to add colour to the cheeks
  • Brushes pick up the product quite well, but it does take a few applications
  • Has an SPF of 15 – always a plus
  • The brush provided is quite nice and soft, albeit maybe a tad flimsy
  • Packaging is sleek, although the brush rattling in the bottom compartment may annoy some


  • Quite expensive at £22.50 for 12g
  • Not very pigmented (difficult to swatch for you guys) and you don’t get tonnes of colour on your cheek – it does give a very ‘almost’ look.
  • Although you can use the brush, I prefer to use on of my own
  • Has some glitter to it, but it isn’t noticeable once applied
  • Claims to be long-lasting – does start to fade after a while…
  • The mirror is quite small

Swatches…I wasn’t able to pick up enough product to swatch them from my fingers onto my arm so fingers will have to do – sorry!


From L-R: Medium shade, Light shade, Medium and Light shades mixed together

Verdict = I’ve actually been reaching for this quite a bit lately and I do really enjoy using it; it works very nicely for my skin tone, so personally I love it, but others may find it a bit too pale; it definitely lives up to the name as an ‘almost bronzer’



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