Review – A mix of Arbonne

After returning the FC5 range, Andrea (that’s my friend from Church who’s an Arbonne consultant), very kindly gave me a couple more things to try out and review. Now that a weeks up I thought I would do a review on them before I have to give them back.

So what were the items?

  1. FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture (£22 for 237ml)
  2. Makeup Primer (£25 for 30ml)
  3. Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 in Alabaster (£30 for 30ml)

Item no. 1: Arbonne FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture

Arbonne FC5 Conditioning Body MoistureAndrea gave this to me to try in the 60ml Travel version which I believe you can only get as part of a special set – FC5 Travel Fresh Set PwP (not sure what the PwP is) for £20 when you spend £150. Anyway, Arbonne’s FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture is made with fresh pumpkin cell extracts (it actually smells of pumpkin – which I didn’t realise even had a smell; it’s kinda sherbetty, like the sweet) and Moisture Fresh Complex, which basically means it’s very moisturising.

So does it work? Well it is very moisturising, which is the aim of the product, so that’s good, and it does smell quite nice, although after a while the sweetness of the smell may get a bit too much.

I personally, specifically only use moisturiser on my legs and every now and again on my hands, which tend to get quite dry, and it does keep my legs moisturised for quite some time; in fact all day really. I only really need to put it on in the morning, so you really wouldn’t use it up very quickly.

The only thing is that it’s not mega special in comparison to lots of other moisturisers such as the Body Shop’s, which are considerably cheaper for almost double the amount. I guess this is the cheaper version of the Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24Hr (which costs £34 for 354ml), which I feel would be a better, more economical purchase.

Verdict = between like it/wouldn’t mind losing it.

Sorry Arbonne, I really want to like it, but I feel like this product just doesn’t really have a place in the market – it works but so do many other cheaper brands and I think that’s what lets it down – the price.

Item no. 2: Arbonne Cosmetics Makeup Primer

Arbonne Makeup PrimerI sampled this very briefly from one of my friends who owns the original packaging and it was called Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer; Arbonne has gone from a pink packaging to a more sleeker-looking black.  And whilst I don’t mind this, what I do find frustrating however is the lack of ability to see how much product is left in the container, and because the product is lightweight, you can’t feel it either. However, my only qualm with this product is the packaging – the product itself is wonderful!

Arbonne’s website claims that it is a ‘Vitamin-rich makeup primer [that] visually diminishes fine lines and pores, creating a canvas for flawless makeup application.’ and I really do think that it lives up to that claim…mostly.

Arbonne Makeup Primer SwatchThe primer is a clear liquid gel that when you rub in onto your face (of which one pump of this stuff is way more than enough) it feels amazingly soft, but yet somehow it feels like you hadn’t actually put anything on your skin. Now Arbonne claims that this ‘visually diminishes fine lines and pores’ which I don’t think it does initially; when you put it on you don’t notice much difference to the appearance of your skin, other than the fact that it is uber soft to the touch. However, once you’ve applied your foundation/tinted moisturiser/whatever you use it’s then that you notice the difference – your makeup just seems to apply seamlessly because the primer has in fact evened out your skin to create the perfect ‘canvas’.

Now in my opinion, a primer should not only help create the perfect base for your makeup, but that it should help it to stay on your face longer than if you weren’t wearing a primer. So I tested it out by an enduring long day at work which involved quite a bit of travelling and it really does keep my makeup on throughout the day which means I don’t have to worry about touching up – yey! Especially handy when you don’t really have time to.

Verdict = Love it!

It is quite an expensive product, but if you compare it to the likes of Benefit’s That Gal, which is in the same price range, I think it’s worth dishing out the cash, especially as it’s sooo much better!

Item no. 3: Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SampleAndrea gave this to me to try via a couple samples (consisting of 0.10ml sachets) and in the colour Alabaster, along with a couple of slightly darker shades due to the misleading colours on the front of the sachets, making lighter shades look in fact darker.

Whilst on the swatch image, Alabaster looks quite dark in comparison to Fair (which looks the lightest) and Porcelain (which does look in fact darker), Alabaster is in fact the lightest shade available . Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation AlabasterHowever, these 3 colours are still starkly darker than my skin tone – as you can see in the swatch, which made it quite difficult for me to really test them out. Nonetheless I stuck with Alabaster and if I use it in a small quantity and blend it out as much as I can, I can just about get away with it.

The first thing I notice about this foundation is that it feels quite heavy, but after you’ve blended it into your skin, it doesn’t feel as thick, but also that it dries quite quickly too – you have to act fast! I think the idea is that this means that it will stay in place on your face for the rest of the day, or at least for quite a long time and I have to say it really does stay in place. So much so, that after the swatches I made on my arm for you guys, it took quite a bit to get it off. However, I feel that this makes it a tad inaccessible for those with dry skin – even with my combination skin, which has some dry patches, the foundation kinda stuck to the dry patches whilst worked really well with the not so dry patches.

Alabaster, Fair, Porcelain 2

Alabaster, Fair, Porcelain

Top:  Swatches; Bottom: Swatches blended

The finish of this product is quite matte, in my opinion, which I believe means that this foundation would be perfect for those with oily skin specifically. But it’s just such a shame that there aren’t any lighter shades, especially as Alabaster, Fair and Porcelain look so similar once blended (see photo with blended swatches). One more thing to note is that these shades are very yellow-toned base, which follows a similar theme to the likes of Bobbi Brown foundations, just to randomly point it out.

Verdict = Like it

My skin just isn’t suited to this foundation, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, which I do believe this foundation is – it would be great for someone who has more oily skin as the dryness wouldn’t get in the way making the finish look amazing, and thus allowing it to truly live up to its name.

Sorry this review was so long; somehow I managed to once again blabber on for ages, however, I do hope this was of some use. And I just want to say that whilst these products were given to me to try out specifically to review, it by no means affects my ability to review each item as if it were a product I had bought myself, and therefore all opinions are of my own and are not influenced by anyone else.

Thanks for reading!



3 responses to “Review – A mix of Arbonne

  1. Great reviews! Just a few tidbits though. The FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture and the SeaSource Detox Spa Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion are made with very different sets of ingredients. FC5 is based on friut and veg (in this case, pumpkin)to help moisturize the skin, while the SeaSource Lotion contains live algae and sea botanicals to help soften the skin.

    The Make-Up Primer is my all-time favourite Arbonne product! I love the way it makes my skin feel satiny soft, and my make up goes on very smoothly afterwards, needing less of it.

    With the foundation, I often recommend to put a dab directly onto the jaw line and smooth it both upward and down onto the neck in small amounts. Sometimes the arms are a different skin tone than the face.

  2. Great review! Glad you were honest about the products as you are as individual as the products are. Since your review, I discovered that if you hold any of the bottled products up to the light, it shows you how much you have left! A nifty little package design I discovered! Primer is very definitely a firm favourite, I do know the cosmetics line is being further developed so keep a lookout for some improvements and additions!!
    Thanks for the review!

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