1st Ever Vlog: MAC in a Year – January

I kinda have wanted to do a vlog ever since I saw my first one – can’t remember which one exactly – but have always loved the idea; sooo much easier to film than writing a post and so much easier to watch than to read.

Here’s a bit about why I even got into ‘MAC in a Year’ in the first place and then the video will show you what I thought about the stuff I got from MAC in my January purchase – and not just a brief summary, but in actual detail!

I only got into MAC towards the end of Summer last year (2010) due to starting work, thus making MAC purchases possible. I’ve always struggled with drugstore products – not that they’re bad – but they’ve been either difficult to work with or unfortunately my skin has rejected them; it’s a bit of a hit and miss with them. So when I started trying out MAC I was amazed at how my skin didn’t react, albeit in a positive way, and just the sheer amount of shades and colours that they have available – I have yet to discover a drugstore foundation that matches my skin (Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation is ever so close). It’s brilliant for starting a consistent collection.

So yea, every month I’ll be buying something – at least one item – from MAC, use it, then review it at the end. Although I just couldn’t resist shouting out about these products as I’m so in love with them.

Tell me what you think about the video; love/like/hates about it and whether or not I should continue?

MAC in a Year – January

Oh and one more comment about just how amazing Vintage Selection Paint Pot is – it last like for ages! I put it on at 11am and when I checked at 2pm it was still like when I had first put it on; no creases or smudges. Which is totally unlike my Revlon Cream Eyeshadows. If the rest of the MAC Paint Pots are like this, I think I’ve found my new best friend!


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