MAC in a Year – January

Promptly, having ordered late Tuesday evening, my order arrived this morning – that’s pretty fast service, me thinks – especially for only £2.95 P&P!

As you know from my previous post on this subject; I had ordered 2 eye-shadow refills and 1 paint pot from the Cham Pale collection, and I was really looking forward to opening them out from the box, at which when it arrived I quickly clawed my way in and gazed in awe at my purchase. Slightly OTT I have to admit.

MAC Products

Nonetheless, I am so pleased with my purchase. The 2 eye-shadows are gorgeous colours and ones that I would wear a lot too – so no costs wasted there. But it was my third item that I was a bit more cautious about; Vintage Selection Paint Pot from the Cham Pale collection was my dark horse in the order – I bought it almost on a whim thinking ‘hey, that’s a pretty colour – I’ll try that’. And boy am I glad I did – it’s the most gorgeous shade of peach – a colour that I’m normally quite wary of…

So here’s to the review…

MAC Eye-shadow Refills in Naked Lunch and Sable (£9.50 each)

They really are such versatile colours that can be used for an everyday look or even for a casual night out, alone or together I love them! Although, I’m more inclined to wearing Naked Lunch as a lid colour and Sable as a crease colour. But what’s so brilliant about MAC Eyeshadows is that not only is the colour pigmentation fantastic, but they’re so soft and really easy to blend, making them perfect for smoky eyes.

MAC Naked Lunch and Sable

L-R: Naked Lunch (can see it very slightly) and Sable.MAC Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch all over the eye.

MAC Naked Lunch and Sable (2)

Naked Lunch (over lid) and Sable in the crease.

MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection, part of the Cham Pale Collection (£13.50)

This I wasn’t sure about but after looking on Google images for swatches I though that it was a really pretty colour that I might as well try out seeing as it’ll probably be gone before you know it. This I just had to try on when I opened it up and it’s absolutely stunning; I am so glad that I went on a whim and bought it. So easy to put on – finger or brush – it comes out gold and sparkly. However, I will have to admit that if you’re not one for glitter or sparkles, this colour may not be for you as I’ve found that it is highly pigmented in the sparkles department…

MAC Vintage Selection

Vintage Selection Swatch

Vintage Selection 1

Vintage Selection (all over lid – unfortunately the camera hasn’t picked it up well).

MAC Vintage Selection with Sable and Naked Lunch

Vintage Selection (all over lid) with Sable in the crease and Naked Lunch as highlight (brow bone and middle of lid).

I will probably end up wearing all three of these for the whole of the month as I’m just sooo in love with them. But here’s a swatch of all 3 together so you can see what the colours are really like…

MAC Sable, Naked Lunch and Vintage Selection

L-R: Sable, Naked Lunch, Vintage Selection and random plain finger.

So have you got anything recently from MAC?

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